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EDS puts pressure on the functional safeguarding of pressure-bearing fittings with EDS turbo check valves

As early as 1995, compressor technology expert Kaspar Emunds began developing particularly aerodynamically efficient, maintenance-free check valves. The patented technology is now the basis for a range of check valves comprising 225 designs that are sold worldwide.

The test bench for fittings with check valves was introduced by Junior Martin Emunds and brought up to date enables the system components to be approved in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68 / EU. The test sequence is set up and carried out in accordance with DIN EN 12266-1: 2012-06 – a practical guide that conforms to the Pressure Equipment Directive for the implementation of the test.

The test stand is designed for valves with an outer diameter of up to 160 mm (DN100) and can build up a maximum test pressure of 600 bar and a clamping force of 98 kN. It thus meets the most demanding conditions of use for compressors, e.g. in oil and gas production, refineries and the food industry.

In the case of a strength test of the pressure-bearing housing, the test pressure is generated with the medium water using a hand pump. To test the tightness of the housing and the internal tightness (sealing seat and sealing body), gaseous nitrogen is applied via a compressor station.

Since word of the advantages of EDS turbo check valves has long got around among users of high-performance compressors, their production in our factory is in full swing. Our test bench also proves itself in everyday use and ensures the outstanding resilience of our products.

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