EDS Kompressorentechnik




EDS harvests the fruits of its work – in the company as well as outside of it

Foresighted action has brought EDS owner Rolf Emunds far: Under his leadership, the component manufacturer grew from a 3-person Family business to a 40-man company with several production halls and high-performance machinery. Reliable order fulfillment and correspondingly loyal customers help his team and himself to have a more than stable order situation even in times of Corona.

However, the extensive know-how, the manufacturing quality and the effective use of the latest cutting technology alone are no guarantee for success. A feeling for what is coming is required. Fortunately, EDS worked for customers, who saw themselves challenged in the same way by the future, right from the start. So we were able to work together on the corresponding concepts and the necessary technical requirements. The food industry, semiconductor manufacturers, energy suppliers – Emunds has proven to be a trustworthy and courageous partner for clients from a wide variety of sectors.

The division of technical aids for the compressor industry promises further growth thanks to satisfied customers all over the world. All the more because they also rely on the inventive thinking at EDS. Existing design principles for turning devices or check valves are repeatedly adapted individually in order to optimally meet the needs of customers.

Plenty of space for further ideas from the busy EDS managing director was to be found on the 26,800 square meter site for the newest hall: The meadow acquired in 2009 is a piece of Ruraue and 2/3 of it was therefore placed under landscape protection. Which inspired Rolf Emunds to plant 42 trees there with old Rhenish fruit varieties. Typical! Wasting opportunities isn’t his thing. In addition, economy and ecology could be perfectly reconciled. Emunds is not only committed to the environment for business reasons – he is a family man. This year’s harvest was rather sparse due to the extremely dry summer, but where the family gets together, any input falls on fertile ground.